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                  Reform of future automotive wiring harness connectors and terminals


                  1. Background
                  In today's era of continuous technological innovation, various automotive connectors and matching terminals previously developed by OEMs account for the majority of the market share.
                  2. Reform
                  In the future, if connectors and terminals are standardized, all cars will use the same connectors and terminals, which will reduce the cost of car wiring harness by at least 30%. The main reasons for reducing costs are investment costs and manpower savings in the production process. Improve production efficiency by at least 20%. Nowadays, China is standing at the forefront of automobile reform, and self-service brands are on the rise. Innovation and transformation are inevitable.
                  3. Technology
                  There are no barriers to this technology. No matter how the car changes, standard components are used for connectors, and integrated circuits are chosen for communication. Modularization reduces the number of wire harness branches, saves costs, and ensures quality. In the future, cars will tend to be more intelligent, and the use of wire harness control functions will become more and more complex. Wire harness manufacturing has also become increasingly complex since its inception.
                  4. Outlook
                  This standardization will wait for the host factory and wiring harness design to cooperate and take the lead in trying to eat crab. I hope that Chinese automobile manufacturing will become stronger as soon as possible.