How Search Engine Optimization Firm Can Boost Your Consumer Reach in the 21st Century

What has transpired over the last couple of years revolutionized business and digital marketing.

The paradigm has shifted. The speed with which this change occurred is breathtaking. It is impossible to fathom how much has changed – from technology to communication, to the way Portland SEO Experts is carried out. To be on a train and see everyone surfing the internet on their iPhone is just one example of this change. You have people ordering products and services from their phones, on the go. What is going on? What occurred to the old way of doing business? You’re not even talking about it today. Why not?

What you need now is a combination of online and offline marketing.  Mass media is declining fast while social media is exploding. So many things are  befalling all of us at the same time.  The old marketing formula was natural in early 2000: Build an excellent website, throw in a few benefits, a 1-800 number, testimonials, do some Google Adwords research, and you were on your way to internet stardom.

Websites that was started in 2012 was ready to go. The landing page was ready, one would have put a full-time employee on, added some testimonials, a few flashy colors, beautiful copy, easy to navigate.  All ready to roll.

But, then the inevitable happened in that your website was riddled with a million errors. You changed it ten times and still didn’t get it right.  What would be the wise thing to use WordPress or Joomla or Concrete? Can someone speak in English, please? What happened to Flash?  Each time you requested a change, you would receive an invoice from the developer. Your webmaster was fighting with the website builder who was struggling with the programmer. You found yourself to be in the middle, helpless. They were concerned with winning their individual battles while you just wanted to get your website up and running.

For Portland SEO in Oregon: Who can you trust? These days, all search engine optimization agencies promise page 1 results but rarely deliver.

You may have paid a fortune on your landing page and offered a Free 30-day trial – Who could say no to that? Yet no one was signing up. Why? What are you doing wrong? Everyone who looked at the site loved it yet no one signed up. You were told that you needed more content and advised to start writing blogs and articles. What? You want clients to buy shares through your platform, what would you want to write a blog for? You don’t have any content. Why should you even have to write content? You were lost at this stage. This was not your idea of building a business. You knew how to sell and what a website needs, but now you were out of your depth.

You were told Social Media is the key. Social what? To you – to many of your colleagues – social media meant Facebook, and Facebook was for kids who didn’t want to do their homework.  Then you were told that businesses were using it and creating online communities where they would share their thoughts and ideas with their friends. Now, you are in real trouble.  That was when you decided to do some research on social media. There are a million “gurus” out there specializing in different platforms. How do you link them all together? How do you tweet and have the whole world know about it? What about LinkedIn? How can you get people to notice me? No idea. Sure, there are loads of people who can create a profile. You can create your own profile. You want leads, traffic, guidance, and most of all, sales.

SEM specialists advise that instead of worrying about your business cards, try doing this: Write a sales letter, come up with headlines, work on your website, start writing articles, submit your site to directories, look for a mentor like Moving Mountains, network with smart people, work on your brochure, get your autoresponders ready, subscribe to business magazines. Do not be horrified by all of this. This is business, not play school. Get serious about it.

Behind the running of your business, you have your digital marketing which allows you to engage your customers and sell to them. You have to provide a solution to their problem. If you can do this, you will make a sale.